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An audit of the building condition and the development of efficient, reliable cost-beneficial methods and solutions for current as well as future repairs are mandatory procedures for keeping a building in adequate condition allowing the owners to plan their budget

  1. Before Purchasing or Leasing a Commercial Property
  2. For Periodical Maintenance Planning

The Building Assessment:
  • Structural and foundation condition survey of the exposed elements
  • Roof    
  • Exterior walls    
  • Exterior windows    
  • Underground parking    
  • Plumbing systems    
  • Electrical systems    
  • Security systems    
  • Fire alarm systems    
  • Mechanical systems    
  • Infrared thermal imaging (optional)

The Assessment Report:

The report includes the following sections:

  • Photograph documentation
  • Assessment of the property's interior and exterior conditions, systems and components
  • Suggested remedies of physical deficiencies (optional)
  • Probable cost to remedy physical deficiencies (optional)