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Quickcon Specialists provides metal and concrete cutting, and selective demolition to those who require highly professional, specialized service and advanced engineering solutions.
Core Drilling is an effective, quiet and non destructive method to drill a hole through a concrete wall or floor. Holes can be drilled straight or on an angle and to any depth. Coring is used for plumbing or electrical lines, water drain holes, large diameter water lines and holes for anchor bolts or lifting rods.

Application – Diamond Core Drilling
Many general contractors, mechanical contractors and maintenance managers have come to know the speed, precision and flexibility of our diamond core drilling service. They regularly turn to us for core drilling for:-

  • walls, ceilings and floors for electrical services, cabling and HVAC,
  • pockets for anchors, post tension tendons, recessed lighting and fixtures,
  • slab and roadway holes for rebar tie-ins and dowel drilling,
  • head-walls, culverts and piping structures for plumbing modifications.

We deliver smooth, clean, perfectly-sized holes that adhere to your tightest tolerances and exacting specifications. Armed with our precision core drilling rigs, circular wire saws and stitch drilling / line drilling techniques, our expert technicians can drill core holes of limitless size, holes with beveled sides, and holes with other complex, multifaceted shapes in rapid succession We can drill down to virtually any depth to achieve your toughest controlled demolition goals. Our concrete drilling teams regularly work in sensitive areas adjacent to fully-operational industrial plants, residential units and even hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Application – Diamond Concrete Cutting
Quickcon offers the most highly trained Concrete Cutting Operators combined with the latest state of the art concrete cutting equipment at very affordable rates. And unlike many of our competitors, we specialize in Concrete Cutting alone and not an array of different unrelated services. We are covered fully by both Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance leaving nothing to chance.

You can be assured that your project will be completed in a professional and timely manner. We are the most qualified Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling contractor for your project. Whatever you may need, we've seen it and done it literally thousands of times. Whether you need a simple 10" thick doorway cut into your concrete foundation or you need a 24" round core hole drilled 5' thick through a concrete column, we can accommodate your concrete cutting needs